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Why pregnant women should stay away from fights and stress


A pregnant woman who is stressed all the time can affect their child’s physical and psychic development. If you are expectant mothers, those facts are important to you; please keep reading.

1. It affects the baby’s brain growing

One of the reasons why babies can have problems associated with brain development is because of the hormonal changes that are produced in the body of the pregnant when suffering an episode of chronic stress. Always stay away from fights and stress during your pregnancy time as much as possible.

2. affects future behavior

Behavioral problems of children have a right relationship with the mental state of the mother during pregnancy period. If a mother suffers from many emotional changes during pregnancy, it is very likely that after a couple of years your child will also have behavioral problems.

One of the causes of low weight that some babies are born with comes from hormonal changes that occurred by his mother

An argument can alter the nerves of a pregnant, and consequently, raise your blood pressure. If gestational hypertension becomes stable, it can trigger developmental problems in the fetus. In late pregnancy, you could trigger problems in the placenta, which poses a risk, and being at risk, the baby’s life labor is induced.

5. slower Baby Development

The constant bickering, disgust, caused by economic and family problems, can generate a picture of depression in pregnant women. Antenatal depression can affect the baby’s development and make it slower.

If you’re pregnant, try to stay away from fights, and possible trouble. There is nothing to gain more than a long process of tension and serious consequences. It is important that you keep in peace throughout pregnancy

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