Do you feel beautiful? If your answer is “no” This is for you

I always postponed feeling beautiful; I believed that it had to meet the requirements imposed by society. I wanted to have long legs, wasp belts, white teeth, big eyes, straight hair … and a tireless list of etceteras.

So I completely forgot about the things that mother nature had given me, and I insisted on having everything to feel good about myself. I lowered my weight a little, I whitened my teeth, I had an intense session at the hairdresser, but after all my efforts, and to my surprise, I did not feel more beautiful as expected.

There are some things people do not gain even if it hope for it.I surely have big bones (I’ll never have a wasp waist), I do not like diets, and nobody else is going To make me feel beautiful if I don t believe in myself.

The Dangerous Beast of Self-Destruction

I was not able to undress on the beach because I was too ugly for that, I did not wear miniskirts because my legs were not ready, public speaking was torture because everyone would notice how ugly it was … Who created that monster of self-destruction? I. When did I let him dig a well so deep? I do not know

All those thoughts come inside my brain, and I gave theme permission to be there.Maybe I created them for something they told me, but I am the only responsible person for all of this.

And as the owner of the exile!

Say aloud Feelings are not the products of what happens or what someone says to us. They are the result of how we feel and react to it.

Nobody can make us feel good and self-confident, it’s we who can control ourselves and feel the beauty of both life and our bodies.
I know it sounds a little dramatic and it’s not that easy to do, but I really think beauty is a choice, not a condition.


Change your thoughts because whatever you believe in it will came back to you

If you think you are ugly, you will feel ugly and will continue to narrow your life to your appearance. But, if you turn your brain to work for things is going to be changed.

All those negative thoughts you are feeling are mostly created by your mind and nowhere else. Whatever you give to yourself it turns back to you. If you imagine yourself that you are beautiful, you won bather yourself again about your look and checking your body in front of the mirror every morning.

Think and pretend that you are so beautiful and you feel good and self-confident about yourself, and of course many opportunities will show up for you.

 You have to become aware of what you think about yourself and after that, question your beliefs


The next time you find yourself being “ugly” ask yourself: why? What beauty really means? Question everything you think, do not be compassionate, do not believe it’s a moment, go to the deepest to know why you force yourself to feel that way.

Beauty is not about entering into a stereotype; it is about self-love and acceptance

The worst enemy of you is yourself, so as you can control your brain be sure that you won’t have any fears about yourself anymore.

The golden rule is choosing, what do you want to be? Do you want to be yourself or will you continue to deny yourself and fill your mind with negative thoughts? I already chose … You are the only one who can make this decision, so do it wisely.

What do you think?

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